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An unfolding sequence gif of a Fire Coral Brompton against a colorful background as part of the Abracadabra campaign

The most compact folding bike.

Your magic carpet for the city. 

An unfolding sequence of a Fire Coral Brompton in front of the London underground

nothing folds like a Brompton folds

Invented by our founder Andrew Ritchie in 1975, the Brompton 3-part fold transforms the bike into a small locked package in under 20-seconds.

Never bettered, just refined. It’s the original and still the best.


An image of a folded Brompton Electric under a bright yellow desk against a teal background
lives outdoors and in
A person carrying a folded Brompton up stairs
goes up stairs with ease
A collage of images of Bromptons and Brompton owners against a dark teal background
go where other bikes can't
A photograph of a brazer brazing a Brompton mainframe laid over a close up photo of the mainframe
handmade in London


Our teams in London and Sheffield handmake every single Brompton bike. We’re proud of what they do.

That's why each frame is marked by its maker.

With a 7-year warranty and access to parts you can enjoy a Brompton for longer.


Two Brompton bikes
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